Friday, May 1, 2009

Nesting: The Sequel

Yes. I am nesting again. And NO, for all of you wondering if that means that I'm pregnant again! You see, when we moved into our new house it was last March and I was 8 months pregnant... I was seriously not up for any kind of moving, painting, planning, etc. Yes, I was scatterbrained and yes, I was furiously washing and folding millions of baby items, but at the time it felt as though the house was just fine the way it was.... I was also anti-nursery/nesting... if you'll remember.

*looking for sticks for our nest*

Well those days are faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr behind me it seems. I'm not sure what's come over me, but I know I am desperate to simplify, design, create, and make my environment a home. And I love doing it. I love going through the hardware store and finding the little gadgets that I need. Buying paint. Looking for fabrics to make curtains for the downstairs. It's all become so fun and I am obsessed with design blogs lately. Forget people talking about kids and relationships!! I want to read all about how you before and after'd your new favorite room or heck maybe even a whole house!

*mom, can we move back in the house yet?*

All this design searching has made me wonder if my ancestors weren't Swedish or possibly Danish. I LOVE everything Scandanavian! The sweet style of their blogs, the amazing ability to make a room look so simple yet contain so much detail! Seriously I'm totally in love.... if you are interested in seeing some of the things I've been browsing you can check them out here, here and here....

I'll keep you posted with pictures of the house.... that is if anything gets finished!! In the mean time, I've stopped washing clothes because I'm too busy fidgeting with things around the house... luckily it's getting warmer....



*I made this bag with leftover canvas I had lying around....anyone know what it says?*

Oh, and I totally ripped the idea from this talented woman

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Julia said...

See, I TOLD you I'd have thrown out all that junk recently whether I was pregnant or not! :) Ah, the overwhelming desire to make a space your own... I feel ya, sister. And I don't think it has anything to do with babies. :)