Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

My oh, my.... what a difference indeed! This past Saturday Zoe turned 1. It truly was a bittersweet day. The weather was perfect and it was as if Zoe knew that the family gathering we had was in her honor. She was so happy and playful. Running around, babbling away, waving at her bouquet of balloons, schmoozing with the grandparents!

I know everyone says it, but a year truly flew by. Zoe grew and changed so fast it was hard to keep up with all of the milestones. And speaking of milestones.... One of the reasons I waited until after her birthday to post was because I knew we would be going to her 12month check-up today. She weighed in at a lean 20lbs 14oz and is 31" long. She also has a nice proportionate head, which is a plus I guess. Her stats are great and she is healthy as can be, minus the little virus that crept in over the weekend, too much partying I guess!
*A ZOE cup!? How did you know I wanted one of these?*

*Having a Ball!*

But the milestones! As the doctor rattled off a list of "should-be-doing-soon"s I nodded at each one. He asked if she was pulling up and I mentioned that she had been walking since 9 months. If she was talking, and as if on cue Zoe perked up looked directly at Mike and said "DADA". Now I realize most babies are saying DADA by 12 months and she does call many things DADA but when she looks at Mike and says it, it's with a purpose for sure. She also picks up shoes and says "sheww" or a stuffed banana and says "na-na". When I said these things to the Dr. again, Zoe perked up and started babbling away.


*Sliding on her own... almost.*

He then told us a few things she should be able to do at her 18 month check-up, since she's already doing the things most 15 month olds are doing. Like, stepping up on a step, which she does on her own. Taking out the trash, folding laundry, doing dishes, etc.... oh, wait. He didn't say that, damn.

*Zoe and Maddie*

*Getting ready to dive into her first cupcake... not too thrilled considering she just listened to a bunch of monotoned adults sing Happy Birthday!*

*MOM! DAD! How embarassing!*

The doc was certainly impressed, as was I, at how much she had changed and progressed in a year. Just imagine if we continued learning and growing at that rate our whole lives! GIGANTIC GENIUSES we'd all be!

*She can have her cake AND eat it too!*

We love you Zoe!

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